Fori Primary Metals AGVs - Aluminum Ingot Transport


Fori specializes in the design, build and integration of custom automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for the primary metals industry. Fori Primary Metals AGVs are utilized for automated material handling of coils & ingots. Our Primary Metals AGVs are designed and built for the harshest environments, protecting the vehicle from the moisture, oil and dust typically experienced in a metals processing plant. Vehicles can be supplied as a single coil or ingot carrier, up to transporting three coils or four ingots with capacities up to 250,000 lbs.

  •  Capacity: Up to 250,000 lbs. / 113,636 kg.
  •  Max Speed of 200 Feet per Minute
  •  Magnetic Bar, Optical or Inertial Guidance
  •  +/- 10mm Positioning Repeatability
  •  Low Voltage & High Voltage Power Supplies Available
  •  Lead Acid, Lithium Ion
  •  PLC Based Control System – No Black Box – Siemens & Rockwell Available
  •  Onboard Safety Scanners & Bumpers for Collision Avoidance & Protection
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