Some parts need to be produced through multi-process fabrication. Padtech's flexible manufacturing partners can produce parts using any of a number of processes including:

  • Bending / Cutting
  • Punch Press
  • Progressive Stamping
  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Welding
  • Heat Treating

Additional services include:

  • Anodizing, Hard Anodizing with Color Match
  • Plating / Selective Plating
  • Powder coating
  • Chemical Etching
  • Silk screen printing

Padtech specializes in industrial housings and tools in the metal fabrication market.

Padtech provides exceptional quality metal extrusion and machined products with tool and dies to offer customers quick turnaround services. Additionally, we offer an extensive range of surface finishes – color and hard coat anodizing, powder coating and bright dipping.

Padtech’s metal extrusion and machining capabilities include:

  • Tool and Die Manufacturing
  • Post Extrusion Milling/Turning
  • Surface Finishing
  • Silk-screening

Padtech uses die casting to produce cost-effective high volume metal parts with aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys.  Our capabilities cover not only die casting, but also machining, finishing, plating, and painting.

Benefits of die casting include:

  • Consistent quality even for high volume parts
  • Cost-effectiveness in high volume parts
  • Complex-shaped parts with high tolerances can be easily manufactured
  • Longer tool life

Post-casting services include:

  • Surface Finishing – shot blast, vibratory finish, thermal de-burr, clean, coat, plate or paint
  • Machining – drill, ream, tapp, grind, etc.
  • Join and Finish
  • Assembly